You Don’t Get What You Deserve You Get What You Earn


Do, or do not.
There is no try.
Star Wars
Being able to execute in the big spot is a sign of a champion.
Imagine going undefeated all season, 50-0 and then losing in the state finals to a wrestler with a record of 40-10.
On paper, it would have seemed that you had deserved to win.
But championships aren’t won on paper.
They’re won in the circle.
And every time you step into the circle, the past is wiped clean, and the only thing that matters is the next six minutes.
There is one thing that I don’t agree with.
All coaches give a similar rally speech which goes something like this,
“Nobody deserves it more than us,”
“Nobody worked harder than us,”
“Nobody wants it more than us.”
That is simply not true.
At the elite level, if you didn’t work hard, you wouldn’t be there, and everybody wants it.
The truth is what differentiates the champions from 2nd place finishers is being able to execute in the big spot.
To be able to have your best performance at the right moment.
There are many deserving people in this world.
The people who achieve are the ones who execute in a big spot.
Wrestling Rules for Life

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