Natures Magnetic Pull


Beauty is natures operating instructions.
Nature slows you down
To appreciate the moment
By connecting what is the deeper part of your soul.

Louis Schwartzberg

There is a natural phenomenon that takes place twice a year in New York City called the “Manhattanhenge”, a phrase coined by the great scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“The Manhattanhenge” is the combination of forces of man and nature, which produces a momentary sight so spectacular that one has to stop everything, and in sheer amazement, marvel at its awesome beauty.

It is when the man-made city buildings are perfectly symmetrical on both sides of nature’s gorgeous sun as it sets in such a perfect position down the center of a New York City street.

People from many miles away come to view this magnificent sight.

It lasts for just a few seconds.

For those few seconds, it seems like man and the universe are in perfect harmony.

Witnesses to this event feel like they are connected majestically to the voice and powers of the universe.

They feel as if everything in the world is exactly where it should be – that the universe is in perfect balance and in symmetry.

That the pieces all fit together.

That there really is a universal plan, a plan that goes unnoticed but for a few seconds, twice a year.

After viewing the Manhattanhenge, it is only natural for people to then take the time and reflect on their own life and its majesty.

I believe it is during reflection, after witnessing nature’s beauty, that we get the operating instructions of life.

Louis Schwartzberg said:

“Nature slows you down to appreciate the moment by connecting what is the deeper part of your soul.

You appreciate the little things in life.

It cultivates gratitude.

It cultivates compassion. “

For some time now I have had a date set with my youngest daughter Cassidy to go view this year’s Manhattanhenge.

The day came and went.

We did not go.

Something in her life suddenly came up.

More resistance.

There are so many things that I want to do in life, and I don’t.

There are so many places I want to go in life, and I haven’t.

There are so many things I want to say to people who are hurting – and I remain silent.

I have allowed the resistance of every day life to get in my way.

I have had enough tragedy in my life to understand the importance of doing, seeing and saying all that I know I should.

But I haven’t.

To make more good than bad come from my daughter’s situation.

That is the goal.

To be the pebble.

I know I needed to see the Manhattanhenge.

But I didn’t.

Resistance was stronger than my will.

I need to change that.

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