Chapter Samples

Be Unbreakable

He who has a why to live for

Can bear almost any how.

Fredrich Nietzsche

What makes one wrestler fight and another wrestler give up? 

Is it talent?

It is not talent; it is something much more reliable than talent. 

Is it training? 

It is not training; it is something much more valuable than training. 

Is it experience? 

It is not experience; it is something much more invisible than experience. 

It is will. 

And it can’t be taught, only discovered. 

When one is willing to fight, fear is destroyed. 

As fear is afraid of fight. 


Wrestling is life. 

There are times in life where circumstances will be presented to you, and you will have a decision to make.

Will you break and predetermine that you are unable to win, and become resigned not to try?

Or will you be unbreakable and unwilling to quit? 

Which wrestler do you want to be? 

Do you want to be the wrestler who still had try left in his tank but quit?

Or the overmatched wrestler who used up all his try, and didn’t? 

I was once told that the type of wrestler I was would be the kind of man I will be.

There was never a truer statement ever spoken to me in my life.

There is nothing more valuable to a wrestler than the realization that he is unbreakable.

There is nothing more valuable to a human in times of adversity than the realization that he is unbreakable.

That no matter the circumstances, he will survive.


I don’t know.

Just have the mindset,

“I’ve handled everything up until this point,

and I will handle everything that comes my way in the future.”

This realization allows one to not waste any time on worry, which provides no solutions, but instead to have peace of mind and live by intuition.

Be unbreakable.

It will all work out in the end.

If it hasn’t yet worked out,

It is not the end.

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