Aspirations of One Day…

Youth LIU Hofstra

Some pictures need no captioning.

Those are the pictures I love to write about.

The age-old question on Long Island has always been,
“How do we retain our homegrown high school wrestling talent to stay and wrestle for a college program on Long Island?”

This picture is how.

To have the Long Island youth to aspire to one day wear the singlet of a Long Island wrestling program.

This picture of wrestlers from the Sayville WC watching the LIU vs Hofstra wrestling match from the floor is so telling.

The high-quality Kings of the East youth tournament before the college match between the two Division I wrestling programs on Long Island was orchestrated genius.

The definition of an orchestra is to arrange or direct the elements of a situation to produce a desired effect, especially surreptitiously.

When one hears an orchestra perform, one notices many different sounds all blending together that produce a harmonic noise that resonates with the listener.

That is exactly what transpired at Hofstra University on Saturday.

This event did what it was designed to do on so many levels.

To see a section of Hofstra University nearly filled with fans, people standing in the rafters and kids watching from the floor must be a rewarding feeling for both programs.

The King of the East Youth Championship, not only attracted the best youth talent from the tri-state area, put fannies in the seats for the LIU vs Hofstra match but more importantly, it exposed high-quality Long Island youth wrestlers with a look at the next level.

It gave them a vision –

To one day aspire to…

Wear the singlet.

Maybe, I am a little bit biased and sentimental to conclude this event was a successful event without even being in attendance, (I was not able to attend this event, as I was at a conflicting sporting event for my daughter) as I owe a debt of gratitude to the coaches of these two programs for everything they have done for me and my family on and off the mats,

Maybe not.

But I can’t help to I feel that I missed out on experiencing something awesome.

I guess that is what orchestrated genius is designed to do.


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