Wrestling with Life – The Awakenings Project

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Over the last few years, my world has changed, and I owe the sport of wrestling deep gratitude for keeping my world together when it was being torn up and blown apart.

I have personally seen the positive impact this sport can have on a person and their life.

And by extension – their family’s lives.

This sport has taught me how to believe in myself, how to work hard, how to endure pain, how to give all of myself to a cause.

Most importantly, it has taught me –

How to find my spirit and fight.

When you are a member of the “Life-Changing Events Club” you develop a better perception of life and what matters.

It’s your reward for the injustice you have endured.

My reward has introduced me to many great people I would never have otherwise met.

I have learned about so many people’s lives.

And their circumstances.

There are so many young athletes whose stories would break your heart.

I don’t want my heart to break, I want to help mend theirs.

In this sport, we all may be competitors, but we are also a close-knit family.

A few years ago, I met a young man by what I believe was destiny.

I believe the Universe collided our lives at the exact time we both needed each other.

This young man indicated to me that he would like to

‘just win one match in his high school wrestling career.”

To you and I, that statement might sound like it came from an underachiever – but if you knew his circumstances you would understand how insurmountable “just one win” seemed to him at the time.

Through the sport of wrestling, this young man developed as a human being and as an athlete. In one year he transformed his body and demolished his goal of getting one win. He actually went to have a successful wrestling career with numerous key wins for himself and for his teammates. But most importantly, I saw first hand how the sport of wrestling gave him confidence and a purpose.

I am looking to start a program called Wrestling with Life – The Awakenings Project”, where I and anyone who would like to help, commit to improving the quality of young athlete’s lives.

Young athletes who are facing a much bigger opponent – life.

I want to teach them to believe in themselves, to work hard, to endure pain.

To fight.

The best way that I know how.

Through wrestling.

They say the way you make the world a better place is that you make an impact on one life at a time.

That is what I would like to do.

I want to raise enough money to help one young athlete in need at a time.

One young athlete who has gone through something in their life that just feels overwhelming and introduce or instill wrestling into their lives to teach them how to fight – life.

I would like to engrain wrestling so deep in their being that they eventually win their fight with life.

I am calling this Wrestling with Life – The Awakenings Project”.

If you would like to join me, I am currently looking to money, where every dollar raised will be invested in “Awakening the spirit” of this young athlete to reach their true human and athletic potential.

Through wrestling.

I thank you in advance for your support.

4 Ways That You Can Help Support

Wrestling with Life – The Awakenings Project

1. Donate Here – You decide the amount. If we each can do a little, it will mean a lot.

2. Share on Social Media – Below are links to all social media platforms, or use the shortlink

3. Tag your friends in the share who you feel would like to help or get involved.

4. Flame the human spirit in your own life, whenever you can.

The name of the project – Wrestling with Life – The Awakenings Project came from my first meeting the young men that I referenced above. He was a 16-year-old kid, a movie aficionado, who let me know his favorite movie was “Awakenings” at the exact time I was attempting to “Awake” my daughter. It dawned on me that by fanning the human spirit in others, when it may be at its lowest point, was a cause worth pursuing. And I have tried to do so every day since.

My goal is to raise enough money to help “Just 1 young athlete.”

100% of the proceeds raised will go to fanning the human spirit of a young athlete in need.

I will post reports as the project progresses.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

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