Family, Tradition, Hard Work, Success, Legacy


Pre-Match Thoughts Sayville @Hauppauge

  • The Mauriello family has been involved in numerous memorable events on the mats representing Section XI wrestling over the years.
  • But today I believe they will be involved in a match that has never been done before and may never be done again. Today Nick Mauriello Sr will be coaching Hauppauge as his son Chris will be coaching in the corner for Sayville, as Danny wrestles in the match.
  • I don’t know of too many fathers vs. son coaching experiences in Section XI, The Patrovich’s, with Joe Sr coaching against Joe Jr, Mike or Ryan come to mind, but I can’t recall any father vs son while son/brother is wrestling in the match situations, I could be wrong, as I have been before.
  • The Mauriello family has represented Section XI and the sport of wrestling like gold. It has been a pleasure to have observed them over the years, at times from up close other times from afar. But whether I observed from up close or from afar, they always exude class. They are what is so great about this sport. Family, Tradition, Hard Work, Success, Legacy.

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