Book review

Be More Proud Than Disappointed


We should not judge people
By their peak of excellence;
But by the distance, they have traveled
From the point where they started.

Henry Ward Beecher

Many times in my life as a parent of an athlete,

I’ve had to catch myself, to put things into a proper perspective.

To keep the big picture in focus.

To not get caught up in the quest for short term success and to keep the end goal in mind.

It is so easy to be disappointed, to get down, to compare all the sacrifices that were made to get to the point of victory and then to lose the victory when so close.

Luckily, due to previous adversity in my life, I can immediately change perspective. And I when I do I realize all the tremendous hard work, effort and commitment it took just to be in the position to succeed and the person my son is becoming in the process. It is then that I become more proud of my son than disappointed in his lost opportunity.

And when I do, everything changes.

I see life through a new lens.

A lens of gratitude and pride.

The world looks magnificent through the lens of gratitude and pride.

And the relationship with my son blossoms.

It wasn’t until after my both my sons became

New York State champions did I realize what I thought was my end goal for them, to win the state championship, wasn’t my real end goal.

My real end goal was for my sons, while in pursuit of wrestling excellence, to acquire the attributes and characteristics necessary to prepare them to live a loving and productive life as a kind and caring human being.

Be More Proud Than Disappointed

Is a chapter from

Wrestling Rules for Life

Which can be purchased at

1200x628 Wrestling Rules for Life

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