Never Lose the Bruises From Your Greatest Loss


Turn your wounds,
Into wisdom.
Oprah Winfrey
Use your bruises.
Keep them visible to yourself.
They are a reminder of the trials and tribulations and pain that you were willing to endure to achieve your goal.
There are losses, and then there are losses.
Some losses are easy to overcome.
And some losses rock your world.
They disrupt your course.
They alter the axis on which your world spins.
They disrupt your gravity.
They send you in a free fall.
In my experience, these “rock your world” losses come every 7-10 years in life.
Their effects on you are dramatic.
Dramatic enough for you to feel them constantly, to have them factored into every risk decision you ever make and for them to be with you always.
Their effects do wear down over time, though.
It has been my experience just about the time their effects start to fade, another new 7-10-year, “rock your world” loss will appear.
These 7-10-year, “rock your world” losses are very difficult to understand and comprehend.
I know it doesn’t feel like it, but ultimately, they are there to guide you.
And most importantly, they come with a gift.
The Universal Law of Reciprocity says that being that the loss took something of value from you, it must give you back
“The Seed of Something Greater” in return.
After all the smoke has cleared look for “The Seed of Something Greater.”
It will be there.
It’s a Universal Law.
One day, when you are breezing through the rubble of your life, “The Seed of Something Greater” will appear.
The seed will contain a way of keeping the spirit of your loss alive.
What you do with “The Seed of Something Greater” will be up to you.
You can decide to ignore it.
Or you can decide to plant it.
Choose wisely.
The future quality of your life lies in the balance.
Never Lose the Bruises From Your Greatest Loss
Is a chapter from
Wrestling Rules for Life
Which can be purchased at

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