If You Lost This Past Weekend To a Quality Opponent, Be Thankful

If you lost this weekend to a quality opponent, be thankful.

Be thankful that the quality opponent you wrestled was kind enough to expose your mistakes and weaknesses with enough time for you to still be able to make the necessary corrections and adjustments before the postseason.

That’s why you wrestle quality opponents.

That’s why you seek out the best.

They glaringly expose your mistakes and weaknesses that you couldn’t see existed.

Have you ever written a paper that you felt you had checked over and over and you felt it was near perfect and was ready to be submitted for a final grade but instead of submitting it you put it through spell-check instead?

And to your dismay, as soon as you put it through spell-check a whole bunch of blue squiggly lines started appearing all over exposing glaringly obvious mistakes on what you though was a near perfect paper?

Your first reaction is,

“I’m so glad I ran it through spell-check.”

That’s because you would rather see the blue squiggly lines before you submit your paper for a final grade with an opportunity to correct your overlooked mistakes rather than submit your paper unaware that they exist and then get your paper back with a whole bunch of red squiggly lines and a permanent subpar grade attached.

That’s exactly what happened to you this weekend.

Prior to this weekend you felt your season was near perfect and you were ready to submit it for a final grade.

You felt you were ready for the post-season.

But right before you submitted it, you did the smart thing.

You found the best competition and put your season through a

battle-test instead.

And the quality opponent you faced marked up your season with blue squiggly lines on the glaringly obvious mistakes and weaknesses in your game and was kind enough to hand you a loss.

That’s okay.

You are much better off for it.

You still have enough time to make the corrections and adjustments before the final submission – the postseason.

Go back, look at each glaringly obvious mistake that was exposed through your loss, and correct it.

Be glad that you battle tested your season before submitting it for a final grade. 

That’s how you make the grade.

That’s how you win in the post-season.

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