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Ever since becoming an involuntary member of the “Life-Changing Events Club” in 2009 when my daughter lost oxygen to her brain for 6 minutes,

I have viewed life with a new perspective.

That new perspective has been the greatest gift of my life.

I believe in life’s ordinary events there is extraordinary meaning.

I believe within our lives there are many life lessons which, when applied, can vastly prepare us for what is to come in our lives.

I believe everything we do and everything that happens to us in our life – happens for a reason.

I know the reason may take many years to come to the surface.

But it most certainly will.

And, I believe, if you are paying attention, you will realize the magnificence of how the universe works.

Here is my vision for my life and for this blog:

To improve the quality of other people’s lives by converting my life experience into the seeds of love, kindness, gratitude, and appreciation which I will plant in the soul of others.

I will be present and nurture this new spirit during chaos and crisis and share in and enhance the bloom of this spirit during accomplishment.

To live in a manner and way which will inspire those I serendipitously share paths with to live their version of the same in their lives.

That is the vision for my life and for this blog.

Thank you for your support.

JohnA Passaro

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Every Breath is Gold Memoir Series

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  2. Again
  3. Your Soul Knows
  4. Strange Angels

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  1. Inside Greatness
  2. Wrestling Rules for Life
  3. Wrestling Writing
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  1. Mr. Passaro, I read your first book, Wrestling With Life. Aside from the format that I enjoyed, the journey with your daughter paralleled so many emotions, thoughts, and similarities my daughter took with her son. Connor was stricken with brain cancer at 20 months and passed 3 days after his third birthday, June 5, 2010. He inspires me every day. As a former wrestler turned coach, parent, grandparent, I was completely enveloped with each story. I recently shared your “All In” blog with my team. The last couple of lines, were a flashback. “There always is a reward for taking the journey. It just may not be the one we sought” Our prayers were always answered. And I pray I understand the answer. I’m sot sure what I enjoyed most about the first book, but how you sought out the best doctors, not the smartest, but those who cared, will always leave a mark with me Same thought process as my former coach – “Surround yourself with quality people” Keep writing, we will keep reading!

    Pete Babinec Milford Wrestling

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    • Pete,
      My heart breaks to hear about your daughters son, Connor and your journey.
      Thank you for sharing this with me, and thank you for your kind words. I pray that Connor inspires you everyday of every year forever.
      All the best,


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