Peak in the Post-Season – 1:1 Mental Mind Training

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I have been getting inquiries recently about working with individual wrestlers to help them achieve their post-season goals by helping them improve their mental approach to wrestling and to life.

I love doing this. It is my passion.
There is nothing that I enjoy doing more than to help young athletes improve their performance by improving their mindset.
I have been doing this on Long Island for the last few years with very rewarding results (For both the wrestler and for me, actually much more for me) and I have decided to open up this training to wrestlers nationwide.
I am making available a limited number of FREE 20 Minute Sessions to see if there is a connection.
My Mental Mindset Training is called “Peak In the Post-Season” and is a 1:1 personal training done via FaceTime.
If after the initial session you feel that I provided value and helped you get closer to your post-season goals and would like to continue the sessions there are 1 session,
2 sessions and monthly packages available.
Being that this training is very time intensive there is limited availability.
Here’s what you can expect during the mental training sessions:
During the Peak In the Post-Season session you will:
  • Increase your BELIEF, CONFIDENCE, and ENTHUSIASM for the sport.
  •  Learn to DOMINATE on and off the mat.
  • ELIMINATE the subconscious FEAR OF LOSING.
  • MAXIMIZE your PERFORMANCE on the mat.
  • Learn to FEED your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT each day.
  • The difference between having a goal and BEING on a MISSION.
  • Understand the self-improvement process of WINNING or LEARNING.
  • Put yourself in the best position to BEAT THE WRESTLER YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEAT.
  • GROW as a WRESTLER and as a PERSON ON and OFF the MAT.

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