You’ve Got to Love the Taste of Blood

Everyone has a plan
Until they get punched in the mouth.
Mike Tyson

Wrestling is hard.

It’s one on one verse a highly trained, highly skilled, highly motivated opponent.

Sometimes that opponent is going to get the best of you.

When that occurs, the best of you needs to come out.

They say a wrestling match doesn’t start until you’re tired.

I say the fight doesn’t start until you get punched in the mouth.

The best wrestlers love to fight.

It is at that time their true competitor comes out.

Life is hard.

It is a battle, a fight.

Sometimes it will get the best of you.

When it does, the best of you must come out.

When life punches you in the mouth, wipe your lip and let that punch bring out the best of you.

Let it ignite the fight in you.

Imagine you were just thrown out of bounds by your rival and the whole crowd just gasped in awe.

Now come back and give life that beating, just like you would do if you got thrown out of bounds during a competitive wrestling match by a rival.
Wrestling Rules for Life

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