Thoughts From the Top Row @ The Joey Davidson Tournament


Thoughts From the top row at The Joey Davidson Tournament.

  • Quality finals with 5 NYS Placewinners – Killian Foy, Max Gallagher, Jared Weinhaus, Joey Sparacio and Zach Redding spread throughout the weights.
  • John Tietjen from Sachem East is very good, great approach.
  • Max Gallagher is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch wrestle. I’d travel many miles to watch him wrestle. Just a flat out point scorer. Freshman. Wow.
  • Jared Weinhaus is so solid. Jumped from 99 to 120 and looks big for the weight. Best thing to ever happen to the longevity of his career. Wrestling is fun when you win, train and eat.
  • There is a state championship looming in Stephan Lucas’s career.
  • Great to see Nick Garone being Nick Garone in the corner at this tournament.
  • Norris Robinson’s physique looks great and he is much more than a cradler, he has become a wrestler.
  • Islip is solid all around.
  • Sayville is a young, athletic, talented team, they can improve and leap forward quickly with experience and mat time.
  • MacArthur is a team as tough as their Coach Steven Schneider.
  • As a fan, just a great finals.

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