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Be the First One Back to the Circle

Photo Courtesy of The NCAA

The only pace
Is a suicide pace.
And today is a good day to die.
Steve Prefontaine

There is a split-second to decide.

You have just given every ounce of energy you had to win your match.

The buzzer just rang, and it’s asking for more.

The match is tied.

You sit there on one knee in disbelief, contemplating how in the world after giving everything you had that the score can be tied.

It is at that moment when the clock starts ticking.

Before the very first tick, the next tick, you must decide.

Do you stop for a moment, admit being tired and doubt that you can go on?

Or do you take massive immediate action knowing you have more to give even after given everything you had?

The fight is asking for more.

The split-second decision you are about to make will dictate your fate.

I’ve seen it a million times, when the final whistle blows and both wrestlers sit there spent after given their all, the first wrestler back to the circle will ultimately win the match.

Always remember your mindset will always take you further than your body wants to go.

When you have given everything, and you don’t know if there is anything left to give, remember your why and more will appear.

Show your opponent that you are ready, willing, and able to do everything to win.

That you will never be broken and that you will fight forever.

That the pace he is going to need to beat you is a pace that he doesn’t have.

Decide early on to always be the first person back to the circle.

You always have more to give.

Always Be the First One Back to the Circle

Is a chapter from

Wrestling Rules for Life

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