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Earned Not Given

Earned not given

Luck is not chance,
It’s toil.
Fortune’s expensive smile is

Emily Dickinson

The current millennial generation is known for its sense of entitlement.

Wrestlers are known for their work ethic and their ability to earn their way.

Wrestling should be a mandatory course in life.

It would solve a lot of problems our society is currently facing.

If I were creating the curriculum for the mandatory wrestling course for life, it would look like this:

Wrestling & Life 101 – Set a goal, have a vision.
Wrestling & Life 102 – Create a plan.
Wrestling & Life 103 – Attempt to execute the plan.
Wrestling & Life 104 – Fail in your attempt to execute the plan.
Wrestling & Life 105 – Persevere through discouragement and disappointment with action and passion.
Wrestling & Life 106 – Rest and restart with a newly revised plan.
Wrestling & Life 107 – Keep making adjustments to the plan until the plan is nearly flawless.
Wrestling & Life 108 – Execute in the big spot.
Wrestling & Life 109 – Be humble, have gratitude, give back.
Wrestling & Life 110 – Set your sight on a new goal, with a new vision.

Earned Not Given

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Wrestling Rules for Life

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