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Do Your Everyday’s Every Day

Your life is a sculpture.

Chip away,

Every day.

J.R. Rim

Greatness begins when practice ends.

It is not what you do during a scheduled practice which makes you great.

It is what you do after one that does.

Early in his career, an elite wrestler will realize that the scheduled practice will only take him so far.

That if he wants to get better, he must work on fundamentals and techniques that are specific to his success on his own after practice.

Every wrestler has moves and defenses that he will use in a match.

These moves and defenses must be mastered.

Singles, mat returns, single defense, leg defense…

After their mastery, these techniques and skills must be kept sharp by drilling them every day.

There is not enough time in practice for everyone to drill their specific moves, defenses, and technique.

They must be done individually, on your own time.

After practice, you will see the great ones take an extra twenty minutes to drill the techniques that are vital to their success.

To keep them sharp.

I call this extra practice – “Everyday’s.”

To keep their mastery, they must be drilled every day.


In his infamous ESPY speech, a dying Jimmy Valvano said,

“To me, there are three things everyone should do every day.

Number one is laugh.

Number two is think. Spend some time in thought.

Number three, you should have your emotions move you to tears. It could be happiness or joy.

But think about it, if you laugh, think and cry, that’s a heck of a day.

If you do that seven days a week, you are going to be special.”

Here are Everydays for life.

Do something for someone who has no way of repaying you, every day.

Say “I Love You,” to the people that you care about, every day.


“I’m sorry,”

“Thank you,”

“I believe in you,”

“I’m here for you,”

“I’ll be right over,”

Every day.

Amaze someone who thinks they know you best, every day.

Touch someone’s soul, every day.

Listen intently to your soul, every day.

Appreciate from your core the life that you have been given, every day.

Find gratitude, even when, especially when the circumstances are such that gratitude doesn’t seem to be warranted.

Getting in your life’s, “Everyday’s,” every day, is what makes life great.

Do Your Everday’s Every Day

Is a chapter from

Wrestling Rules for Life

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