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Never Bet Against an Underdog Who Has The Heart of a Champion

If there is a Goliath infront of you,

That means there’s a David inside of you.

It happens at every weigh-in at every wrestling event, by almost every wrestler in the country.

The “sizing up your opponent,” as he steps on the scale ritual.

Then, predetermining the outcome of the match based on the recent visual of your opponents’ muscularity and physique.

There is no doubt that strength is a vital ingredient to success in wrestling.

But strength can be measured in different ways.

Strength does not only come from one’s physique or muscles; it can also come from one’s heart.

And one’s heart cannot be seen by stepping on the scale at a weigh-in.

It is only visible during battle.

What most people neglect to factor in when viewing a physical specimen stepping on the scale is that to partake in a battle requires effort.

And effort makes your body release lactic acid.

And lactic acid is the kryptonite to muscles; it makes them slow and lethargic.

What those same people also neglected to factor into the equation is that winning a battle requires having a purpose.

And when one has a purpose, “heart” is released during battle which makes even the smallest muscles and the tiniest physique more powerful than one could imagine or foresee.

If you want a truer indication of your opponent, don’t size up his biceps when he is on the scale, observe his heart as it responds to battle.

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