Life On Earth


Sometimes our light goes out
But is blown again into instant flame
By an encounter with another human being.
Albert Schweitzer

I recently watched a television program where an undercover cop got arrested with the gang he was trying to infiltrate.

The gang didn’t know he was undercover.

During the arrest the forces at be made it seem like he was part of them.

Which made me think.

Maybe, there are people on this earth who are undercover.

People who have been sent by a higher power.

People whose lives intertwine with ours for a brief time.

People who are sent into our lives at the exact moment we need them.

They provide us with a spark or dust off a belief system we once had or encourage us when we need it the most.

When they accomplish what they were sent to do, they move on.

Maybe, the forces that have it all choreographed to look real and seem natural.

I believe the Universe uses us all in this way.

By intertwining each of our lives.

I believe we are all that undercover cop.

Good amongst evil, risking our lives for the betterment of mankind.

At times I believe we are also the gang, not knowing someone is undercover amongst us.

I have learned, at times I am part of my own journey and at other times I am here to help others on their journey.

The only part I haven’t figured out yet, is, which is happening, when.

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