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It Is Simple But Not Easy

Never confuse simple and easy.

Simple is easy to understand but hard to execute.

Figuring out the path to success is simple.

Walking the path is hard.

The execution is always the hard part.

The execution requires sacrifice and discipline.

The execution requires precision planning and prioritizing.

The execution requires massive work, insane boredom, and extreme loneliness.

The execution requires you to feel the acute pain of failure and requires you to grapple a few rounds with self-doubt and discouragement.

Everyone wants to be a champion.

What they don’t want is to live the lifestyle and endure the pain that is necessary to become one.

Have you ever witnessed a wrestler come up with an off-season plan?

Most execute the plan while their mood is still right, but once the mystique of having a big goal has worn off and the actual grueling work is required, they fall to the wayside.

Others, the champions, continue to execute their plan well past the point of being in vogue to do so.

They do things others are not willing to do.

That is why they get what others are not able to get.

Never confuse simple and easy.

The difference between simple and easy is the work.

And work is hard.

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  1. Thanks John! I love the comment “Figuring our the PATH is Simple, Walking the PATH is Hard” I can really relate to this as I was once a wrestler and now coach MS. I also compare it to hiking a long trail. It is always easy to see the trail when it’s flat on paper/2D. The trail looks easy then, but when you actually Hike the trail in 3D-it get Hard! Currently getting ready for the MS Wrestling Season and to hike some longer trails next spring. This will keep me on track so I am ready for the HARD stuff to come!


  2. John, hey I still have not received the book I ordered back in February. Wrestling rules for life. Please respond so I know when I can expect it. This is Eric Spencer with American Fork High School. We paid for it back in February. 801-400-5932 is my cell number

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    • Eric, I don’t know if you have been getting my messages or not but the tracking number says the book was delivered. Can you check again to see if someone might have the book at the location? Please let me know.


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