Don’t Let Victory Defeat You

Rule #32 In Wrestling & In Life (1200 x 628 px)-16

There is a kind of success worse than failure,
And a kind of failure
Worth all the success in the world.
Jean Cocteau
Paris Album

It is much harder to stay on top than it is to get to the top.

Granted, getting to the top is extremely difficult, but when you arrive, it is quite common to forget how you got there, to overlook the little things that you concentrated on, the focus you had, the desire that was inside of you.

Victory can become your worst enemy for future success if you let it.


Understand what it took to become victorious.

Reminisce with the loneliness, the sacrifice, the exhausting work that it took to become victorious.

Never lose sight of the work and sacrifice it took to get where you are and every day after your victory ask yourself,

“Am I working harder now after my victory than I did before my victory?”

“Am I living the same lifestyle as I did before I became a champion?”

“Have I set a new goal, a bigger goal?”

If all the answers to the above questions are yes, then you have a chance of staying on top.

If any answer to the above questions is no, then you won’t.

It is that simple.

You will find that the formula of staying on top is the same as the one that is needed to get to the top.

The formula doesn’t change.

So, if you want to stay on top, you shouldn’t change either.

Chapter Excerpt from “Wrestling Rules for Life”

Wrestling Rules for Life Digital 20190826

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