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Be At Your Best When You Feel Your Worst

The flower that blooms in adversity

Is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

Walt Disney

I don’t condone sucking weight, but I do believe that everyone should experience it at least once.

It will help one understand what it means to have to be at your best when you feel your worst.

We have all been there.

Not eating or drinking for a long period, being dangerously near dehydration with all your energy zapped from you and then having to take the mat against an opponent who not only wants to defeat you but also wants to humiliate you in the process.

No food, no water, no recovery time, no energy.

Regardless, peak performance is still expected.

Against an elite opponent.

With your season at stake.

And everything you have worked for in complete jeopardy.

Experiencing cutting weight in wrestling prepares you to be at your best when you feel your worst in life.

There is no other endeavor on earth that will mimic how it feels to be a parent of a sick child.

As an adult, there will be a night where you will have to stay up with your sick child, and then you will be required to go to work the next day and perform at your best with your job on the line.

And then repeat the process the next day.

And the next.

And the next.

With no recovery time, and no energy.

And peak performance in every aspect of your life will still be expected.

It has been said that a wrestling match starts once you become tired.

Everyone can wrestle with good technique and good discipline when the conditions are right.

Everyone is full of hope when they are winning.

But only the few can prosper when the conditions are grueling.

When you are behind in the score.

When things look bleak.

When life and circumstance seem unfair, unjust.

The key to doing so is to be able to perform at your best when you feel your worst.

To keep your belief.

Your discipline.

Your hope.

In life, when things are going wrong, and you feel your worst is when your family will rely on you the most.

You must come through.

When you are in this situation, when you feel your worst and must perform your best, just get through the weight cut.

Make the weight.

And then perform your best.

You’ve done this many time before.


“Be At Your Best When You Feel Your Worst,”

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“Wrestling Rules for Life”

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