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Always Have the And 1 Attitude


If I were to wish for anything,
I should not wish for wealth or power,
But for an eye that sees the possible.

Soren Kierkegaard

One can learn a tremendous amount from failure.

And even more from success.

When a wrestler with a 50-1 record is introduced, what does your mind focus on?

Is your mind intimidated by the 50 opponents he beat or does the 1 opponent who beat him give you hope and a plan?

Be attracted to what aids you to be victorious.

Train your mind to think,

“Who was the And 1 and what did he do differently than the other 50 wrestlers who failed in attempting to beat him?”

There was something that the “And 1” did that the others could not.

There was a certain way the “And 1” handled situations that the others did not.

There was some reason the “And 1” ended up on top when the others did not.

Train your eye to find the small details that made the “And 1” different than everyone else.


In everything you do in life, there will be 50 reasons why you shouldn’t do it, and one reason why you should.

Always focus on the one reason why you should.

For All Works by JohnA Passaro


“Always Have the And 1 Attitude”

Is a chapter from,

“Wrestling Rules for Life”



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