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The Odds Should be Respected But Never Believed

Impossible odds
Set the stage
For amazing miracles.
Jentezen Franklin

Never let the odds be a deterrent to the achievement of your dream.

As the odds are just other people’s success rate at what you are looking to accomplish yourself.

They are not your odds.

Understand many others have attempted and failed at what you are trying to accomplish, so you need to respect the difficulty that lies ahead.

Realize, in other people’s failure, they lacked something in their effort, their makeup, their endurance.

That is why they failed.

You need to study and learn from other people’s failures; take and use what worked for them and improve upon what did not.

Find what they were missing.

Perhaps it is something you possess?

Add your uniqueness to the mix, as your uniqueness may be the exact missing ingredient the others did not have and just may have been the reason they did not accomplish the task.

Abraham Lincoln wisely said,

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

Always remember that the odds to accomplish anything in life are like seeds for a tournament or rankings during the season, they are just somebody else’s opinion of what they think should happen.

Other people’s opinions don’t matter unless you let them.

If you let other people’s opinion throw shade on your vision, your confidence, or your action taking; then their opinion will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For them.

Don’t let other people’s opinion carry any weight in your vision.

Your own opinion is the only one that matters.

I have never met a wrestler who was ranked 2nd who didn’t believe he could win a championship.

I have never met an unranked wrestler who didn’t believe he belonged on the rankings board.

This is what drives them to succeed.

The only opinion that truly matters is your own.


I have done some research.

I live in Suffolk County, Long Island.

Section XI to be exact.

A hotbed for wrestling.

Section XI has won the New York State Division 1 Wrestling Tournament ten of the past eleven years.

It is wrestling heaven.

Wrestling is taken seriously, here.

It is followed ferociously.

Section XI knows wrestling.

Even with all the passion, all the coverage, all the history, research has shown that the preseason rankings accurately forecast that years

Sectional XI Champions approximately 40% of the time.

That means they are inaccurate 60% of the time.

Always remember the only rankings that truly matter are the results at the end of the season.

Everything else is noise designed to distract you.


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