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Believe Before


Rule #3

Believe Before

We know what we are,
But not what we may be.

Have you ever wrestled an opponent you knew was better than you?

I bet you didn’t wrestle like yourself at the beginning of the match.

I bet you were hesitant; you didn’t react the same, you let opportunities pass you by, you allowed your opponent to recover from errors without consequence.

And I bet somewhere mid-2nd period you said to yourself,

“What am I doing? I could go with this guy.” 

By that time, though, it was too late as half the match was over.

I bet after the match you said to yourself,

“If I only wrestled like myself right from the beginning, I know I could have won that match.”

The key to beating someone better than yourself is to believe that you can way before you get confirmation that you are correct in your thinking.

To believe before confirmation, you need to trust yourself.

You need to trust in your talent, your work ethic, your dedication, and your perseverance.

Trust is the cousin to belief.

When trust and belief team up, they don’t require outside confirmation they thrive on inside collaboration. 

When trust and belief team up, their ears are deaf to the words “can’t.”

Their eyes don’t need to see it done before.

Their heart knows.

Trust in the belief in your heart.

Believe in your trust.


Shakespeare wrote,

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.”

The most important people in your life are the people who believe in you before confirmation of their intuition.

These people will have the biggest impact on your life.

They see something in you, way before you even see it in yourself.

Always keep these people in your life at any cost.

Give them a perpetual place in your inner circle.

Hold them in a special place in your heart.

Better yet, learn from them and become one of them.

And start to see in others what they haven’t yet seen in themselves.

And in the process, you will teach them to do the same.

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