Dream Big Dreams

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There is nothing like a dream
To create the future.
Victor Hugo
Les Misérables

Magic is made when you dream big dreams.

To reach a goal bigger than you thought you could ever accomplish, you will need to become someone greater than you ever thought you could be.

And that is the magic.

The magic of your unique personal transformation into the best version of yourself.

The power of the magic begins with the audacity to believe you can and will accomplish your biggest dream.

When you believe, you will become a first-hand witness to the Universe, through trials, tribulations, adversity, and setbacks, forge you into a diamond.

Know, the bigger the dream, the greater the journey.

The greater the journey, the deeper the transformation.

So, dream.

Then have the audacity to dream even bigger.

As a big dream will necessitate taking inventory of assets and tapping into resources you never knew existed.

A big dream will force you to use everything at your disposal.

It will require hard work and commitment.

It will require tenacity and persistence.

It will require getting back up more times than you have been knocked down.

It will not be easy.

The journey will test your preconceived limits.

There will be times that you will curse the journey.

Understand, that is also the precise point when the alchemy of your transformation is taking place.

So, overcome the obstacles you never thought you were able to be overcome.

Put dedication and perseverance to work.

The journey is the process that makes the man.

The bigger the dream.

The greater the journey.

The better the finished man.

So, dream big dreams.

Greatness is waiting for you.

It is inside you beckoning for you to call upon it.

Make the call.

Dig down deep into your reservoir of belief you never knew existed and allow the magic of dreaming big dreams transform you into the best version of yourself.

Live life as Walt Whitman once profoundly wrote,

“From this hour, I ordain myself loosed of limits and imaginary boundaries.”

And watch your life blossom.

Dream Big Dreams

Is an excerpt from,

“Wrestling Rules for Life”


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