Be Delusionally Optimistic

Your mind is magical.

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Coupled with hard work, grit and perseverance it can produce results far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

Your mind is also logical.

Nothing magical ever happens being logical.

Scott Green, the head wrestling coach of Wyoming Seminary once profoundly said,

“Life is 90% reason, rationality, discipline and organization.

You need to live your life that way.

That last 10% is a leap of faith, an emotional connection, an irrational belief.

That last 10% makes no sense at all.

But the truth is, nothing worth having and nothing worth accomplishing, happens without that last part.

You have to live in that world to do something great.”

There is a time and place for logic.

It just doesn’t belong in your suitcase on your journey to greatness.

The magical happens when you make a declaration to yourself that you are going to set your mind to accomplishing something extraordinary despite the challenges or obstacles in your way.

When you make that declaration to yourself you immediately set two points.

Point A is where you are.

Point B is where you want to be or what you want to accomplish.

Immediately after setting the two points your subconscious mind will perform its magic and map out the journey.

And soon after, the whole Universe will aid you in unforeseen ways on your journey.

The magic starts with being delusionally optimistic.

Delusional optimism is the ingredient that is most needed to complete the journey.

To believe that despite the obstacles, the problems, the challenges, the headwinds you will get to your declared destination.

Delusional optimism will reduce obstacles into solvable problems.

Delusional optimism will provide the grit when logic says to quit.

Delusional optimism will draw in all the resources necessary to persevere during discouraging plateaus, which will allow you to believe during times when others would doubt.


I remember where I was when I had heard that Austin DeSanto had beaten Spencer Lee on a last second takedown in the 2017 Pennsylvania High School State Championships.

Hearing the results was surreal, something unbelievable to comprehend at the time as Spencer Lee, the reigning 3x State Champion, not only teched DeSanto in the state finals the prior year, but was also previously undefeated in his high school career with a record of 144-0.

A few minutes after I had heard that Austin DeSanto had beaten Spencer Lee, it dawned on me that DeSanto had made a declaration earlier in the year that he was going to beat Spencer Lee and win a Pennsylvania State Championship.

At the time I thought he was delusional.

I was wrong, he was just being delusionally optimistic.

No matter what you may think of Austin DeSanto’s antics since that time, his 2017 State Championship, defeating Spencer Lee in the process, is one if the greatest examples of the magical power of delusional optimism in the sport of wrestling.

Delusional optimism backed by hard work, grit and perseverance is the formula for magic.

Be Delusionally Optimistic

Is an excerpt from the book

Wrestling Rules for Life Digital 20190826

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