Championship Composure

Always bear in mind your own will to succeed,

Is greater than any one thing.

Abraham Lincoln

Mauriello - 6.jpg
It seemed that Danny Mauriello had just lost in heartbreaking fashion his semi-final match on a last-second controversial takedown.
A long discussion ensued between the coaches and referees at the scoring table, the pending decision would either end Danny’s quest of a NY State Championship or send him to the finals.
For a few uncomfortable minutes,Β Danny’s opponent stood in the center of the mat with an outstretched hand urging Danny to shake it.
Danny, knowing that would concede the match, would have no part of it.
He circled away.
He kept his composure.
After some time, the controversial takedown call was reversed and the match was sent to overtime.
In overtime Danny got in on a shot, his opponent threw in a Whizzer and after a small scramble, Danny was awarded the winning takedown.
Or so he thought.
Another coach-referee discussion ensued, this time for a much longer time.
This is the moment which turned into one of my favorite moments from the 2019 New York State Tournament.
Danny Mauriello, while waiting at the center of the mat for the conclusion of a long referee-coach discussion at the scoring table quietly decided to put his headgear back on before the referee’s decision, as if to say,
“It doesn’t matter if they reverse my takedown in overtime, I’ll just get another one. I’ll do it again, let’s go.”
Mauriello - 2
That is Championship Composure.
Imagine having the mental fortitude to stay strong enough to be ready and able to do all it takes to win the match.
To be able to ride the roller-coaster of emotions from the valleys to the peak back down to the valleys and still remain calm and composed waiting for your opportunity.
That takes mental composure.
Expect the unexpected.
Control what you can control.
Be ready and prepared when presented with an opportunity.
Execute in a big spot.
Be willing to do it again.

Know, your own will to succeed is greater than any one thing.

Mauriello - 5

There is no doubt in my mind that Dan Mauriello’s composure during those unknown few minutes won him a New York State Championship.

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