The Most Valuable Asset

In James Radcliffe’s “Everything is Broken” blog, he talks about the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kintsugi’.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing cracked objects with gold.

Objects that were deemed broken beyond repair;

instead of being discarded or thrown away, gold, which is thought to be the most valuable asset in the world was used to repair them.

As you know, gold is finite and is in limited supply.

I venture to say that the most valuable asset in the world is not gold, but love.

And love is infinite and is an unlimited resource which we all have access to.

Love is the gold that fills the cracks in peoples lives.

When it does, people who were thought to have been broken, are repaired.

To all the people who are the “Gold” that fill’s the cracks in other peoples lives – I salute you.

You are the most valuable asset in the world.

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