The Millisecond of Truth

There is a millisecond of time when the truth is flashed for all to see.

It is in one’s eyes when you share good news with a person, it is in one’s voice during an initial greeting, it is in ones’ aura when you are in their presence, it is in ones’ hug when they hold onto you a millisecond longer than you expected.

For a millisecond, a window into one’s soul will be available for your perusing.

Don’t hesitate to enter the window as it will only be available for a fraction of a second after which it will be quite deceptively adjusted and camouflaged.

Even good emotions get adjusted after the original reaction; it is just the way the millisecond of truth works.

I have learned to trust this millisecond of truth more than anything in the world.

I trust it over what someone says and over what someone promises to do.

For it is the truest truth there is.

It is infallible.

Ignore it at your own peril.

Embrace it for fulfillment in your life.

Pay close attention to these instantaneous flashes of truth.

They will guide your subconscious.

They will help you in your decision making.

They will allow you to ‘truly know’ without a word being spoken.

The millisecond of truth is a boomerang gift.

Give it away, and it will come back to you – in a flash.

The Millisecond of Truth

Is an Excerpt from:

In the Eye of the Storm


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In the Eye of the Storm is a collection of inspirational stories, poems, and thoughts on converting adversity, loss, and grief into a newfound perspective on life.

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