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One Journey

We live in a world where people put their best foot forward.

Where, from the outside looking in, everyone’s life seems perfect.

A world where we are taught to keep whatever is bothering us, whatever issues, problems or demons we might be dealing with private as not to risk looking like we don’t have our life together.

Why do we need to do this?

Struggle is the one constant in all of our lives.

To struggle is to be human.

Struggles are real.

We all have them.

And I would attest that if we shared our struggles with each other, openly and honestly, we could all benefit.

Having the knowledge that nobody has a perfect life and we are all struggling in one way, or another would help so many people in their lives.

I have learned when I am most authentic people appear in my life whom I need to meet.

I don’t initially know the reason why, but eventually, with time it is revealed to my soul.

I have learned, at times I am part of my own journey and at other times I am here to help others on their journey.

The only part I haven’t figured out as of yet, is, which is happening, when.

We need each other.

We each need one another’s true authentic self.

And they need yours.

We can’t do it alone.

Add people to your life with whom you can be yourself.

And in return, they will be themselves with you.

And, together, we will have a better chance of getting through this chaos.

One Journey

Is an Excerpt from:

In the Eye of the Storm


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In the Eye of the Storm is a collection of inspirational stories, poems, and thoughts on converting adversity, loss, and grief into a newfound perspective on life.

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