I Believe God Prays

I don’t know what makes one prayer be answered and another not.

I don’t know if we each have a limit of how many prayers we can get answered in our lifetime or if there are unlimited requests available for each of us.

I hope there are.

I do know If there is a limit on prayer requests I’m probably over my quota.

I don’t know if there is a proper amount of time we need to wait until we can send a new prayer request or if there is a queue where a new prayer request rests until it gets answered or not.

I don’t know what is the proper amount of patience one must display after praying nor do I possess the understanding of whether my unanswered prayer is part of the master plan or not.

I don’t know if I should re-pray my unanswered prayer or trust that by not answering my prayer is actually answering my prayer.

Honestly, I don’t know much about how prayer works.

But I do know that God prays.

I believe that is what we hear in our soul when we search it.

I have always been very private in my faith.

Today, I’m making an exception.

Today I am going to talk about a recent prayer experience of mine.

Not the prayer, only the experience.

The prayer is private, the experience is what I want to share.

As much as I want to say this has something to do with Jess and her recovery, it does not.

I hope to share this is not breaking some sort of prayer privacy law.

In fact, I’m hoping it is quite the opposite.

I’m hoping it fans the flame for more communication with the Divine which ignites more Godness in our world.

I know if I knew prayers do get answered at their right time it would make me trust more and pray more.

My hope is it will have a similar effect on you too.

Life is hard.

Something so very important to me in my life has been going so horribly wrong.

For some time now.

I prayed for help.

I prayed for guidance.

I prayed for strength.

I prayed to make a difference.

And at my worst stage while battling this problem,

just when I put in all the effort I could, just when I really didn’t know what more to do,

just when I had no more strength and I was out of hope and I was too numb to pray, I heard in my head,

“Help is on its way.”

A reverse prayer.

From God to me.

Stored in my soul.

I truly believe the Universe allowed me to work on solving the problem myself so I would understand and appreciate the magnitude and significance when the problem was miraculously solved for me.

Hearing and trusting “Help is on its way,” allowed me to go to sleep one evening in the midst of the problem.

And by the next morning the problem I couldn’t correct,

the problem I had no impact on, the problem which was deteriorating life for the ones I loved, was fixed.

Just like that.

I feel when a reverse prayer of this significance results in such immediate corrective action it needs to be acknowledged and shared.

I admit sometimes I question if my prayers are ever heard.

So when I have clear cut evidence that they are truly being heard it is only right that I acknowledge and share it.

And to say thank you.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for prioritizing.

Thank you for acting.

It has made a great difference in many lives.

I don’t know if I ever will get a prayer answered again of this magnitude, I pray I never need to again.

Then again, I know I might need to soon enough.

I pray I don’t.

My wife says I’ve watched too many episodes of Manifest, the show where people boarded a plane which lands five years later and now all of the passengers hear voices.

Trauma is difficult to deal with in life.

It makes you do funny things.

Maybe I’m hearing what I want to hear, seeing what I want to see.

Maybe not.

Maybe my hearing is acute and my vision is crystal clear.

I believe that is the case.

I believe big, life-changing prayers do get answered.

I am a witness to such.

If another prayer of mine never gets answered again I’ll still consider myself blessed for this one.

Especially in the immediate time-frame, it was.

I don’t know how it was answered.

I don’t know why it was answered, or why now, or why it waited for all of my strength to be depleted, but it did, and it was.

To say thank you silently just didn’t seem like enough.

I have to admit at times I have wondered out loud if anyone was ever listening.

I find it only fair to share out loud that there was.

Not only do I now know that there is there someone listening, but I also know we should be listening too.

“I Believe God Prays”

Is an Excerpt from:

In the Eye of the Storm

A collection of inspirational stories, poems, and thoughts
On converting adversity, loss, and grief
Into a newfound perspective on life.


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  1. Thanks for your insightful writing. It is what I needed to read. I am going to share it with some people I know who are also facing some challenges.

    Lance Smith Sioux Falls SD


  2. John, I love all your writings, but this one was bery special for me.
    Yes, God answers prayers, all of them, there is no limit to how many we ask, He listens, He answers and He cares. I prayed 38 yrs ago on this very day, Dec 8, 1980, He answered, and my life was changed forever. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and was born again into His life and love.
    And yes, John, He is our strength when we are weak…He often waits until we know we cannot do anything else about our problem, until there is no where and no one else to turn to…but Him. When we give it all to God, He touches our spirit, and it is done !
    There are prayers that never seem to be answered, but hang in there ..the answer may be ‘no’, or “wait”…
    His timing is perfect.
    Thanks for sharing this, John

    Liked by 1 person

  3. John, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how you share your heart!!! 💙 I can a test to God and that He answers EVERY prayer! Sometimes his answer is not a ‘yes’ to the things we ask of Him but sometimes it is a ‘no’ or sometimes the answer is ‘not right now’. God sees that big picture and He has a plan that is far beyond our understanding. We will never have ALL the answers here on earth to the things that puzzle us but when we see Him face to face it will be very clear to us as to why the things in our lives have gone the way they did! I too had questions for God about how, why and when He took my Mom home to heaven but I KNOW that I will have full understanding one day when I also arrive in heaven. Until then I know that God is working behind the scene. My story is a just a little part of His BIG story and you and your writings have been a BIG part of my journey! Looking forward to more of your writings! Bless YOU!!


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