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A Truly Knowing Feeling


I imagine the rules of communication between our subconscious mind and our conscious mind are similar to that of a game of charades.

Where our subconscious mind needs to act out the clues for the word or phrase that it wants to convey to our conscious mind.

Without having the luxury of verbal communication, the subconscious mind gets to use its physical body, nature, instead.

I imagine this game of charades goes on under the surface of our awareness until our conscious mind gets warm on our subconscious minds clue.

I believe it is then that we are sent a feeling.

I believe these feelings either rise above the surface of normal everyday life and get us to act or they get to the surface and we push them back down.

I believe when these feelings emerge it is extremely important to pay close attention to two things – coincidences in our lives and to nature.

For that is where your answer will reside.

In Ann Lamott’s book, “Bird by Bird” she writes:

“There is ecstasy in paying attention.

Where you see in everything the essence of holiness.”

This “essence of holiness” is usually shown to us in the beauty of nature.

We all have had that momentary glimpse into the beauty of nature – a spectacular sunrise, a moving sunset, snow magically covering trees.

Most of us stop for a few seconds, marvel, and then go on with our daily lives. In essence pushing the beach ball back down, back under the water’s surface.

I have learned it is important to do more.

I have learned to let the natures magical moments fuel my spirit and guide my actions.

I believe it is when the beauty of nature makes us stop in our tracks that the conscious mind has solved our subconscious minds clue in its game of charades.

It is during the brief time we pause to take in natures beauty that our heart and soul become one.

It is then that it is important to take notice of coincidences in our lives.

I believe coincidences are not coincidences, they are clues.

It is our soul banging on the door that separates where our conscious and our subconscious reside.

When we listen to the clues we get a perfect combination of truly “knowing” and “feeling” at the same time.

This “knowing feeling” is the ultimate sensation one can feel on this earth.

When you feel this sensation, bask in it, as you are exactly where you should be at that given moment in your life.

I feel this sensation right now.

It is as if my conscious mind is yelling out “sounds like” as my subconscious mind is tugging on its ear.

A Truly Knowing Feeling

Is a Chapter from:

Good Man, A - JohnA Passaro

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