Be Amazed by Life

Be amazed by life…

We live in such a fascinatingly unbelievable world.

The opportunities that are available for us are just amazing.

The other day I was amazed that I was driving a car over a bridge.

Just think of that.

Think of the tremendous amount of work from previous other generations that was done that has allowed us to benefit from driving a vehicle over a chasm of water.

For only $12.50.

Most people would whine about the $12.50, but I was actually very happy to pay it.

For only $12.50 I could take myself and 4 other people over a mile of water in less than a minute.

I was amazed by that – until my cell phone rang and I was able to talk to someone (hands-free of course) 400 miles away while doing so.

During the conversation – there was a question that needed answering so on the spot I pressed a button, asked my phone the question and got an immediate detailed answer.


Until at the end of the conversation the person mentioned that they saw a video that I had posted and mentioned that they shared it with someone else through a text message.

Zoom through the air.

Absolutely amazing until I got to my destination and checked on the analytics of that video and realized that it was seen in 40 different countries – some of which I did not know existed:

Absolutely amazing.

Makes you appreciate what we have and what can be done and be very thankful for what others have done before us to give us this opportunity.

Be Amazed every day.

No man is an island.

And no man needs to stay on an island due to the men who came before him.

I wonder what my contribution to mankind will be?

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