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Money, Miles and Time Well Spent


To all the parents who made the trip to the Super 32 and had a short stay and are now wondering if traveling all those miles, spending all that money and investing all the time was worth it – remember two things:

First remember every practice, every match, every tournament – every road trip has a cumulative effect and is necessary.

Somehow, the tournaments that “weren’t worth it” turn into the tournaments that were vital to your wrestlers’ development.

Second, remember investing in your child is always worth it and one day, pretty soon, they will no longer be in high school.

My odometer just hit 300,000 miles and I would jump at the chance to travel every one of those miles all over again.

Even to the tournaments that “weren’t worth it.”

Spend your last dollar,

Invest your last second.

Enjoy every mile.

It’s the best time of your life.

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