Love Changes Paths

Bodies at rest stay at rest.

Bodies in motion stay in motion,

Unless acted upon by an outside force.

People, like objects, become set in their paths.

Embedded in a constrained reality.

As we travel our path, the possible futures, which were once infinite collapse down to one.

One outcome.



We are each on a path.

And sometimes, those paths become entwined, pulled into each others orbits and collide.

We each have a path.

Some are forced to part, but flow back together, their synchronicity inescapable.

Some paths touch only briefly and glance off in different directions. Forever changed by the meeting.

Some loop back again and again. Across time and space. Always finding each other.

Once we are on our path there are little chances to deviate, small moments when some other force comes into play and knocks you off your trajectory.

What could be powerful enough to change a path?

To change a Future?

An act of nature.

An act of love.

Once this deviation happens you find yourself on a new path.



A quote from the T.V. Show


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