Choose Choice

Choose Choice

Choose belief over doubt.

Choose goals over wishes.

Choose trust over fear.

Choose work over wants.

Choose doing over planning.

Choose discipline over distraction.

Choose responsibility over excuses.

Choose today over tomorrow.

Choose now over later.

Choose today over yesterday.

Choose living over memories.

Choose learning over losing.

Choose humility over conceit.

Choose feeling over numbness.

Choose caring over callousness.

Choose compassion over indifference.

Choose vulnerability over camouflage.

Choose starting over quitting.

Choose nutrition over weight loss.

Choose celebration over partying.

Choose awe over irritability.

Choose gratitude over mean.

Choose team over blame.

Choose the love of the sport over hating the grind.

Choose offense over defense.

Choose points over prevention.

Choose action over apathy.

Choose rest over overwork.

Choose stillness over busyness.

Choose focus over aimlessness.

Choose silence over noise.

Choose struggle over privilege.

Choose purpose over existence.

Choose your path over others.

Choose choice.


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