It is in the crucible of optimism that the alchemy of greatness is created.

It is in the blind refusal to accept the evidence of one’s own senses.

And the doggedness to ignore surface rationality that miracles become reality.

Miracles require an essential lunacy.

A willingness to keep striving towards a goal as the majority snicker down their sleeve.

All miracles have one thing in common one person believed in the small chance above all else.

Mathew Syed

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  1. Hey John,
    I had my own small miracle last weekend when I did a 24 Hour Challenge event to raise money for a mission team going to Kenya. I was able to walk 79.55 miles in 24 hours. I’m sure some did not think my brother and I could do it, but we believed and did more than our goal of 72. We ate 43 and 48 yrs old and this was our first time going this far. If u believe in yourself that is what matters. Thanks for your inspiration!!

    See video on YouTube by searching 24 Hour challenge Walk for Kenya.


    • Lance, that is awesome. I love long distance walking, there is nothing that says persistence more than it. Great job. I believe I have a long walk in me that hasn’t happened yet.


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