Some wrestlers think they are better than they are.
And other wrestlers are better than they think they are.
Both suffer from inaccurate levels of confidence.
One from overconfidence.
The other from a lack of confidence.
Both are fatal.
The overconfident wrestler tries to protect what he hasn’t yet earned and doesn’t deserve.
There is nothing worse than trying to defend what is not rightly yours and may have been given to you prematurely.
This is a losing game. One doesn’t have enough fingers for the number of holes in the dam.
The wrestler who lacks confidence limits what he will accomplish just because he is not his biggest believer in himself.
This type of wrestler constantly self-sabotages himself and limits his upside to prove his doubt right.
It’s like watching someone with a flesh-eating disease evaporate right before your eyes, as the destruction comes from within.
The key to becoming a better wrestler as each day passes is to be neither of these types of wrestlers.
The key is to believe you are exactly the wrestler you are.
At the exact stage, you’re in.
Be honest with yourself.
Be fair to yourself.
Don’t “protect” your rankings or hesitate when wrestling against a higher-ranked wrestler.
Open up and wrestle.
Be yourself.
And become the best wrestler you can be.
And that takes an accurate level of confidence in oneself.
See yourself as who you are, right now.
And just work to get better each day.


JohnA Passaro
Wrestling Writing

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