Life is a Marathon

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This is the 6th chapter of

“Synchronicity: A Divinely Orchestrated Journey”

I will be releasing 1 chapter online a day for 40 days.

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Chapter 6
Life is a Marathon

There is a comfort in the strength of love, 
Twill make a thing endurable
Which else would
Overset the brain
Or break the heart. 

William Wadsworth 

There is a sector of Japanese Monks called the Marathon Monks of Heim, who pledge to walk a marathon a day for 1,000 days.

They do this to be enlightened about the universe.

The first 100 days of their quest is a trial.

At the 100-day mark, the Marathon Monks of Heim need to either commit to this challenge or give up.

There is no penalty if they quit before the 100-day mark.

Although, if, after the 100-day mark they quit, they must kill themselves.

There are many graves in the Heim mountains from previous Monks who could not keep their pledge.

The reward for the Monks who complete a marathon a day for 1,000 days is to then go nine days without food, water or sleep.

The idea is to bring oneself as close to death as possible to more fully appreciate life.

They test themselves this way on purpose.

They believe it is only after being faced with the ultimate test, death, that their senses become acuter, they recognize and appreciate the world, and they long to live.

I believe becoming a ‘Life-changing Event Club’ member is very similar.

There are times life tests us, makes us go all in on multiple occasions and then brings us to near death or destruction.

Somehow we make it through.

We plow through the pain.

We get as close to giving up as possible.

Then we more fully understand and appreciate life.

Life is a marathon and uses chaos and adversity to help us become enlightened about the universe.

In the process, we develop a resilient perspective on life that is impenetrable.

And after we develop this impenetrable perspective we are to then share it with others, so they too can be internally enlightened about the universe.

There are always two journeys happening at the same time, yours and others.

Sometimes you are the lead role in an event for yourself and sometimes you believe you are in the lead role just to find out you were playing a supporting role in the event of someone else.

It is difficult to know which, is happening, when.

Both roles are extremely important.

You are where you are for a reason.

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