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Jumping Into an Icy River

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This is the 4th chapter of

“Synchronicity: A Divinely Orchestrated Journey”

I will be releasing 1 chapter online a day for 40 days.

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Chapter 4
Jumping Into An Icy River

This is too harmonious,
Grand and overwhelming a universe
To believe it is all an accident.

Morrie Schwartz
Tuesday’s with Morrie

When you search your soul for an answer to a problem and the answer arrives camouflaged in a simultaneous event in your life, it is far too easy to dismiss it as a coincidence.

It is not.

I believe the Divine orchestrates synchronistic events in your life; designed as clues to magnetically guide you to your right path on which you need to continue your journey in life.

Have you ever wondered why certain events happen in your life, at the exact time that they do?

It is the Divine knowing that you face a fork in the road and sending out a clue as which road to take.

What made me send that text when I did?

What made me jump in the car and travel forty-five minutes at 10 p.m. to stop a young wrestler from quitting?

What made me say, “If I can convince you of only one thing, let it be this – you need to trust in the process.”

What made the answer I gave to a young wrestler who was discouraged with his performance plateau be the exact prescription I needed for myself?

The answer may be in a quote by Ann Patchett,

“There are in life a few miraculous moments when the right person is there to tell you what you need to hear and you are still open enough, impressionable enough, to take it in.”

There is something about giving advice to someone and then while hearing your own voice realizing it is the exact advice you have been seeking yourself.

Synchronistic events are so cunningly crafted and orchestrated, they leave me in awe.

They happen at the precise moment when, after a massive struggle, we are about to abandon our soul, to lose faith, to not listen to know what is the right thing to do.

Comedian Steve Harvey said,

Everybody has a turn back moment in their life;
a moment in their life where they just want to turn around and go back.
They say to themselves – 
It’s too far. 
It’s too hard. 
It’s too steep.  
It’s taking too long. 
I’m exhausted. 
I’ve lost patience. 
My faith is weak. 
I’m going to just go back to where I was, where I was safe. Where I didn’t feel all these things.
But don’t.
God shows up.” 

Most call these events coincidence, not I.


It wasn’t a coincidence which made George Bailey jump into an icy river to save a man from drowning, in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” just as he was about to give up on life himself.

It was a Divinely orchestrated synchronistic event.



When I am extremely tuned into my soul, I often recognize my life provides me with these divinely orchestrated events usually disguised as chaos or adversity, which are designed to provide me with the answers I am seeking without it seeming to have come from the Divine.

Sometimes, chaos is needed to disrupt our current path and realign us onto the right path; a reshuffling of the deck of sorts.

In what we too often dismiss as a problem, lies the solution.

For somewhere within the chaos lies the order we desire.

We just need to fight for it.

It is important for us to recognize chaos as originating from the divine, and to cherish its presence; to dissect its content, to learn its lessons, and to implement its value in our lives. 

When chaos occurs in life, we must pay attention; as there is something important the Divine is sending to us in order to prepare us, to strengthen us, to teach us.

Synchronistic Divinely orchestrated events are too easy to dismiss as coincidence.

Do not.


Because as Morrie Schwartz so elegantly said,

This is too harmonious, grand and overwhelming a universe to believe it is all an accident.”

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