Who Mentors Who?

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Today, I had the honor of appearing with Frankie Walz on Shannon Stiles radio show called “Successful Living” out of Wichita Kansas.

It was a wonderful experience, both Frankie and I are very grateful to Shannon and her husband Scott for the opportunity.

In part of the interview, we discussed why Frankie and I came in each other’s lives.

Who was it for?

Did I come into Frankie’s life for him, or did he come into my life for me?

Who really mentors whom?

I believe the Universe put us in each other’s lives for one another.

It was asked, “Who really mentors who?”

And the answer is I get just as much in return by mentoring Frankie as he gets by my mentorship.

It is a mutual mentorship.

To tell a little synchronistic story, (I love spotting synchronicity.)

As we were waiting for the interview to begin – Frankie says to me,

“My middle name is Eugene, people always call me Frankie – but I think I’m going to go with FrankE instead.”

I took it as the highest gesture of thanks he could have given me.

But actually, I strive to be more like him  

Here is the complete interview.

Successful Living can be listened to on KQAM in Kansas and watched on Facebook Live at 9 am EST on Saturday mornings.

“Successful Living” with Shannon Stiles

The Interview starts at the 3:17 mark.


Just 1 Win – The Frankie Walz Story


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