My Eyes

BettyJane has been Jessies primary caregiver 24 hours a day, for 365 days a year for nearly eight years.

Every second of every day of every year she has been there.

During those eight years there have been only three occasions where she has taken A break for a few days and got away.

Right now she is on one of those well deserved breaks as she is in Florida visiting her brother.

She is happy about that.

She isn’t happy that we can’t make the visit together.

In order for her to be able to get away requires for me to stay back home and be with Jess.

It is bittersweet for her.

Obviously she wants to enjoy her visit but her heart is tugged on constantly as she wants to be able to be on that visit together, as a family.

One day.

For now, She understands the give and take of sacrifice and living life we make for one another and is grateful and appreciative as one can be.

As so am I.

We have learned to be each other’s eyes when the other is not able to see.

So for the last few nights my eyes have been able to see the most beautiful Florida sunsets as she has sent me 20 or so pictures of the sun setting. The first starting out with the sun high in the sky and the 20th with the sun dissolving into the Atlantic.

Watching the sun rise and set, stopping my life for a few moments and taking in the beauty of the Universe has been my thing over the last few years.

My eyes have seen many beautiful sunsets, but none have touched me any more than these.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love when God ‘paints the sky for me!’ 💕 You and your wife are WONDERFUL parents! Treasures are stored up in heaven for then both of you!!!

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