Angels on a Train

I need a sign
To let me know you’re here.
Cause my TV set keeps it all from being clear.
I want a reason
For the way, things have to be.
I need a hand
To help build up some hope inside of me.

Calling All Angels

Angels train 1200x628.jpgPeople will come in and out of your life like passengers traveling on a train.

And it always seems like everyone is traveling to the same destination as you are.

Until you realize they are not.

Everyone is on his or her own journey.

People can and will get off the train at any stop.

There will be a few people in your life that will make the whole trip with you, who believe in you, accept that you are human and understand that mistakes will be made along the way and that you will get to your desired destination together – no matter what.

Be very grateful for these people, for they are rare.

When you find one, don’t ever let go.

Be very wary of people sneaking on at certain stops when things are going well and acting like they have been there for the whole ride.

For they will be the first to depart.

There will be people who secretly try to get off the ride, and there will be those that very publicly will jump off.

Don’t pay any heed to the defectors.

Just know where and how people get off is more of a reflection on them, than it is on you.

Be blessed for the ones who get on at the worst stops when everyone else is departing.

For they are special.

Always hold them dear to your heart.

For they are the important ones.

Embrace them.

Welcome them.

Pay close attention to them.

They are there to make sure you complete your journey and arrive at your destination.

And when you do, you will look up to smile at them, to thank them…

And they will be gone.

For their job will have been done.

For they are not defectors – they are angels.

Just know a piece of them will remain with you forever.

If you ever have the opportunity to be that person who has a chance to walk into someone’s life when everyone else is walking out, embrace it, relish it.

For it is one of the most important roles you can have in someone else’s life – to be their angel.


Angels on a Train

Is an excerpt from

“A Good Man”

Good Man, A - JohnA Passaro

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