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The Glue, by Bud Gordon


Both of my parents had left by the time I was four years old.

I had moved 16 times before I saw my 19th birthday.

I stayed mostly with my grandparents and uncles. 

When I was thirteen, I caught back up with my mother in a small town in rural Virginia where a schoolmate asked me if I would try out for the wrestling team. 

I may have set the record as the least talented wrestler ever to walk on a mat.

Despite my lack of success in the sport, wrestling taught me some great life-lessons.

Most importantly, it taught me that although things are tough, you can win if you don’t give up. 

This lesson has made me be a better husband and a better father to this day. 

Fast forward a couple of decades.

I introduce my son to the sport that I love. 

For the past dozen years, we have been trapped in a car for at least six hours a week going to practices, clinics, and tournaments all over the east coast. We have attended NCAA’s together.


My son has now won four Virginia State Championships and will be attending a George Mason in the fall.


I am grateful for all that God has given me, especially for the first time he helped me lace up my shoes.

All the on the mat success is great, but I am most grateful to wrestling for being the glue which has kept my family closer together. 

The time my son and I have spent together, is priceless to me.

Even more priceless, is the fact that I know he will do the same with his son one day too.

Bud Gordon

Wrestling Writing

Capturing the People and Culture of the Greatest Sport on Earth.

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