In Their Own Words – 2017 Edition


I believe wrestling is the greatest sport on earth and the people involved in the sport are some of the greatest people in the world.

I know it has been an invaluable asset in my own life. 

It has taught me how to fight and how to win against my toughest opponent – life.

I love telling stories about this sport and the people involved in it.

It is my passion.

Everyone has a story.

I would like to tell yours.

I am requesting wrestlers, coaches, parents, and fans of the sport to submit their story.

I will help you fine tune it, edit/rewrite it.

I will then post it on my facebook page and on my blog.

It is a great way to memorialize your story and see it in print. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Provide your unique perspective on something about this great sport.
  2. Make it as concise as possible.
  3. Include pictures that capture the story.
  4. Trust your instinct.

I am looking forward to capturing the people and culture of the greatest sport on earth.

JohnA Passaro

If you would like to participate in this endeavor please send your submissions to: 


Here are some suggested topics 

Here are some finished submissions:

My Biggest Fan – by Anthony Cirillo

My Little Boy Acted Like a Man Today – by Kate Heyd

The Gamut of Emotions of a Wrestling Mom – by Eileen Nordquist

Being a Wrestler’s Mom is Tough, and I love it – by Jill Cuba

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  1. Something tells me I will have a great comeback story for you this season. My father passed away this year. He was my sons (Wrestler) BEST FRIEND. He passed weeks before league championship, which he won, but the grief was to big for him to overcome further competitions. I believe my wrestler will overcome and stand tall!

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