The 2% Toll

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Becoming a champion is not about doing 98% of the work that is necessary to achieve your goal.

It is about doing the 2% that makes the difference.

The 2% that is hard.

The 2% nobody wants to do.

The 2% that only the 2% do.

The 2% which separates very good from great, great from elite, the elite from legendary, 49-1 from 50-0.

What you do, over and over, at first adds up, then multiplies and eventually has an exponential impact on the end result.

Running sprints and your toe just misses the line because it is more important to beat the guy next to you by cutting corners then it is for you to come in 2nd by doing things right – there’s your 2%.

Drilling a move and only getting in 49 great reps, instead of 50 – there’s your 2%.

Up by 14 in a match and turning on cruise control instead of scoring the 1 point necessary to end the match – there’s your 2%.

Making a late night visit to your local gym to use the sauna instead of running to lose the weight – there’s your 2%.

Restricting your body and depriving your brain of water and expecting to perform at peak levels – there’s your 2%.

Tuning out your coach who is making an adjustment of a bad habit he has noticed in your match, one that you got away with against an inferior opponent, and one he is warning you won’t get away with against a great opponent – there’s your 2%.

Being the 2nd wrestler into the room for practice – there’s your 2%.

Allowing yourself to rationalize the reason you were just taken down in practice is that you are cutting weight – there’s your 2%. 

Not attending a tournament to protect your national ranking – there’s your 2%.

If the truth be told, there are enough opportunities to make up the 2%, the only thing is you haven’t yet realized the importance of the compounding of just 2%.

To make the ascension to the next level the toll is only 2%.

Are you willing to pay the 2% toll?

It is the 2% toll to inner peace.

Knowing you did everything you could do, there wasn’t one more thing you could have done in your quest to achieve your goal.

The difference between regret and inner peace is only 2%.

In the end, it is a price well paid.

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