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We have all seen the contest where a person in a bank vault has 360 seconds to grab as much money as possible.

If it were you, would you stop grabbing money after you had “just enough” in your hands?

Would you stop grabbing money when there were only 60 seconds left?

Would you ever be too tired to keep grabbing more money?

Obviously, not.


Because the reward of what that money can do for you overrides any of the reasons to stop.

A wrestling match is the same type of contest.

You need to have the same kind of mindset.

To a wrestler, points are money.

In each match, you have 360 seconds to score as many points as possible.

When the whistle blows, the allure of scoring points must override any and all obstacles.

Have a safe lead?

Need to score more points.

Have short time?

Need to score more points.

Have a fear of losing?

Need to score more points.

As like with the money grab, the only time you stop scoring points is when there is no time left in the contest.

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  1. The Contest
  2. Why Dominate
  3. Leave No Doubt
  4. The Ultimate Domination
  5. There Are 4 Types of Wrestlers
  6. The Release
  7. Little Voices
  8. Score First
  9. Expand The Lead
  10. Back Points
  11. Score On The Line
  12. Score With Short Time
  13. The Power of Unanswered Points
  14. Score On The Line With Short Time
  15. Everything Matters
  16. End Each Period On Top
  17. Now, What?
  18. Wrestle Like You’re Down By 1
  19. Matches Are Live Practice
  20. Be Dominant In Each Position
  21. Be Entertaining To Watch
  22. If You Dominate, They Will Come

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