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Overtime or Over Time?


There is a brief moment after a wrestling match ends in a tie, that each wrestler has to decide whether he is going to gather himself and go into overtime and fight some more, or not.

Will he enter overtime?

Will he be the first one back into the circle, ready to go on and fight to win?

Or will it be over time?

Where he allows the fact that he worked so hard, for so long, for so little, get to him and drag himself reluctantly back to the circle and allow his opponent to beat him?

Overtime or over time?

The smallest of margins, the widest of results.

When you are faced with the decision to quit or go on, you must always choose to go on.

You either compete or you quit.

It is just that simple.

Win, or take it on the chin.

For those rare wrestlers who strive to be great, they take no solace in moral victories or in losing close matches.

They see things in black and white, not in shades.

Black is losing, even in overtime.

White is winning.

There is no gray.

Great achievements manifest themselves only when you push while you are mentally and physically exhausted.

Always be the first one back to the circle.


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It is recommended that you read 6 Minutes Wrestling with Life prior.

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