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Be Incapable of Discouragement

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It’s going to take longer than you originally thought.

You are going to need to invest more effort than you ever would have liked to exert.

You are going to have to endure more pain than you planned.

Face more failed attempts than you thought would have been necessary.

Experience more setbacks than you rationally and logically should have ever had to go through.

There’s going to be many times when your effort will not be rewarded, or even acknowledged.

Yes, at times it’s going to suck.

For now.

You need to get through the suck.

Success always lags behind hard work and effort.

When you have put in more effort than reward received, you have to double down on belief, confidence, and enthusiasm.

You have to continue to work yourself to the brink of collapse and tears.

You need to be able to do this indefinitely.

You need to have faith in the process.

For this part of the process is the final filtering system for creating greatness.

As your reward is not being unjustifiably held from you, it is being deferred for you.

Stored up, to be given to you in a lump sum, rather than in incremental pieces.

At this point in the process, what you do not do, is more important than what you do.

To receive the reward for your hard work.

The reward you deserve.

The reward you have earned –

You need to be incapable of discouragement. 

“Be Incapable of Discouragement”

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  1. Words that represent the transcendence beyond the athletic field to the totality of life itself. Thank you for sharing such a concise picture of what is needed to endure the journey.


  2. Retweeted it out : it’s that time of year for wrestlers everywhere who start to get tired, frustrated, not in the lineup, not meeting goals, etc. Thank you! Brings perspective and a reminder why most wrestle and go through so much.

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  3. This article couldn’t have come at a better time in my newsfeed! My son wrestles Varsity as an 8th grader, and last night was his last team meet for the season, and he took the loss very hard. He may not have the record he hoped for this season, but I’m so proud of the young man I have seen him become this year, and the dedication he put into the sport and his team. Wrestling is not easy, but truly the greatest sport on earth!

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  4. This is probably the best passage I have read that really hit home! My son has wrestled a hard journey for 10 years, never giving up when there was no coach, no team, no program. He just kept working at it every day. Finally his senior year it has all came full circle from multiple first places to third in our state. And this just summed up the past 10 years. THANK YOU!

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