Q&A with JohnA


On May 18th, 2014 I was asked to speak to an 8th grade class from Brentwood school district.

Here is the Q&A portion of my talk.

The secret is…

Give thanks every day

The Look

Appreciation is your 2nd most valuable tool that you own

Everyone is a genius at something

Fight or Flight

The most important team you will ever be on 

You got to be able to do both

The hardest thing in the world is to take 3rd

I wrote my book the way I would want to read a book

How about the Police Officer?

How is your daughter doing now?

Were you mad at the doctors?

The Life Lessons I needed to learn I learned through sports

Did wrestling help you in life?

A Good Person is the most valuable thing in life

Why did you feel that you could trust Dr. Leon?

I believe in love

How did you have the strength to get through it all?

Tell me about your friend…



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